Blackout Paradox - Recombination (CZ)

05Kvě19:00PŘEDSTAVENÍBlackout Paradox - Recombination (CZ)Voluntary entrance feeFormer football playground at the City Park19:00

Místo konání

Former football playground at the City Park

Informace o akci

(Genetic) Recombination is the name for various changes in DNA consisting of splitting it and connecting it to another chain, which gives rise to new characteristics of organisms.

The fiery grotesque, Recombination, is about the genius professor AE’s quest to master the laws of nature and create better species than humans themself. However, his experiment gets out of his hands and will become a ruin for him and his “children”.
Expect a humorous performance with lots of fiery choreography and pyrotechnic effects, to excess an ardent scientist and a smoldering mechanical creatures.

Duration: 30min
Age guidance: 6+ 


Theme & dramaturgy: Michaela Hradecká
Director: Anton Elias
Performers: Sofiya Pekaryk, Viktor Artner, Timur Aidarbekov, Marek Polášek and Anton Elias