Cirko Hopley – Teacrobat (CZ)

st31Kvě17:00PŘEDSTAVENÍCirko Hopley – Teacrobat (CZ)Ladronka Park17:00

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Ladronka Park

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Price: 150 CZK

Family circus cooking show. Peek under the hood of an acrobat’s kitchen, who will cook up a good portion of fun for you. He invites you to his tent, where he practices numbers, keeps fit, spins a wooden spoon and sets up all kinds of obstacles to perfect his acrobatic skills. But what kind of cook and host would he be if he didn’t fill the bellies of his guests. Let yourself be tempted by the alchemy of cooking and the world of movements typical for the kitchen and the circus.

In the author’s show, acrobat Michal Mudrák fulfills his circus dream. He created the first Czech performance tailor-made for his own circus tent. He builds everything himself, the tent, sound and lights, he performs, then packs and moves on.
Michal Mudrák won the Den Danske Cirkuspris award, which was personally presented to him by the Danish Minister of Culture.

Duration: 45 min
Age guidance: 5+


Performer: Michal Mudrák
Director: Vojta Švejda (Wariot Ideal)
Music: Laco Déczi, Marek Novotný