Johnny a Jenny uvádí: J.O.E. (CZ)

so20Kvě18:00PŘEDSTAVENÍJohnny a Jenny uvádí: J.O.E. (CZ)Voluntary entrance feePREMIERELadronka Park18:00

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Ladronka Park

Informace o akci

J.O.E. and Rue are an inseparable duo. J.O.E. is a unique robot that can do almost anything he can think of. He never gets tired, he is always up for every new game, he knows how to feed you, make you laugh and take care of you, he is simply the best. At least in her eyes.

The topic of children and modern technology is still a very current one. What would it be like if a child had a robot companion that was almost perfect, and that could frighteningly fulfill the role of a “normal parent”.