Kolektiv Lapso Cirk – OVVIO (SP)

so20Kvě19:30PŘEDSTAVENÍKolektiv Lapso Cirk – OVVIO (SP)Voluntary entrance feeLadronka Park19:30

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Ladronka Park

Informace o akci

Two multi-disciplinary circus performers specialized in balancing and manipulating various everyday objects. They both love what they do and one can definitely sense their excitement from the moment they arrive on stage to play some of their crazy dare-devil games to test each other’s trust and courage. David & Tomáš from Kolektiv Lapso Cirk are presenting their latest creation, OVVIO. A playful approach to testing each other’s limits, trying to see what they can get away with before the inevitable happens. You can’t fight gravity forever, it’s going to pull you down to the ground eventually, but they make sure to have as much fun as they can before that moment arrives.

Duration: 50 minutes
Age guidance: 5+