Teens Lab CZ/NOR

26Kvě18:30PŘEDSTAVENÍTeens Lab CZ/NORVoluntary entrance feeLadronka Park18:30

Místo konání

Ladronka Park

Informace o akci

Youth forward! Up! Down! Somersault! On the rope! With juggling balls! Two groups of teenagers, two countries and one common passion – the circus! Young students of Prague’s CIRQUEON and Norway’s Trondheim kulturskole joining forces in the Teens Lab performance. You can look forward to the connection of their talents and artistic materials in a compact energetic performance that will be created during a joint laboratory of several days. As part of the Prague part of the Cirkus BASE project, a premiere will take place, after which the whole group will move to Norway for further performances. Come support!