tYhle - Les Fantômes (CZ/FR)

po08Kvě18:00PŘEDSTAVENÍtYhle - Les Fantômes (CZ/FR)Voluntary entrance feeFormer football playground at the City Park18:00

Místo konání

Former football playground at the City Park

Informace o akci

Les Fantômes is a moving clown show for all ages, characterized by spontaneous interaction with the audience, improvisation and the desire to play.

Phantoms, mirages, ghosts, apparitions. They fill the space with their physicality and open up new perspectives on urban or natural corners that we pass by every day. They play with the spac, try out its possibilities, look at its plasticity and variability and plant their bodies in it, in their own way. After a while, they no longer want to be alone and invite guests with whom they want to share what they have discovered. Les Fantômes is here to offer you a walk through history and a playful meditation on the common border between the city and nature, where the streets beat and the leaves rustle.

Duration: 40min
Age guidance: 5+

authors, performers: Florent Golfer, Lukáš Karásek, Natálie Podešvová